Microdosing Mushrooms

https://grassrootsmicrodose.com/rest-and-reset/Psilocybin – the psychoactive component found in some mushroomshas gained popularity in recent years. Gaining the attention of researchers around the world, the list of benefits of microdosing this offering from nature seems to be growing. 

Taking a small dose that does not cause mind-altering effects have been reported to help in many areas and articles are being written in every sort of publication from scientific journals to Rolling Stone, Forbes, The New York Times and The Huffington Post. Instead of viewing this substance as an illicit drug, many are appreciating the benefits and the ways that psilocybin can improve and elevate the quality of life, productivity, and well being. 

There is growing interest within scientific communities to gain more clarity about the reported benefits of improved cognitive and creative functioning and elevated well being and mental health. 

Why Mushrooms?

First, let’s look at some of the facts about microdosing. While the claimed benefits show great promise, we encourage you to make sure microdosing is right for you – both in safety and effectiveness. 

  • Typically, a microdose is 5% – 10% of a typical dose. A microdose does not cause hallucinations or a psychoactive experience. With mushrooms, people go to work and are reported to perform many of their daily duties without difficulty while often experiencing several pleasant effects.  
  • It’s important to be clear on your why. What benefits do you hope to gain from microdosing? Learn more about how they work and consider setting a clear intention for your experience. This is medicine so we suggest one respects it as such. 
  • More and more science is showing positive results in favour of using mushrooms to heal. While many studies are done on high doses of psychedelic substances, research is also being conducted on microdosing. Many findings are preliminary; some research is anecdotal, some countries have legal restrictions and for some, there is still a stigma associated with these substances. Regardless, as the popularity of microdosing increases, interest in finding scientific-based evidence grows too. 
  • Microdosing seems to offer relief from a variety of ailments of mind, body and emotion without the harmful, long-term side effects caused by pharmaceuticals. The possibility of using a substance that does not cause other health issues or dependency makes microdosing an attractive choice. 
  • Self-awareness and self-observation are also important when microdosing. Some will journal the effects for a variety of reasons: to prevent dependency, to notice what dosage is right for you, and to ensure that there is indeed benefit. Some people have reported that taking more than a certain level of microdose causes them to feel distracted or philosophical when their intention is to increase productivity, so they adjust to ensure they are getting the benefit they seek. Be sure the effects you wish to gain match your experience. At Grassroots Medicinal, our microdose capsules contain 10% of a recreational/high dosage. 
  • Here at Grassroots Medicinal, we offer microdose capsules that contain Psilocybe mushrooms as well as extracts from 6 other mushrooms well known for their powerful healing benefits.  

The Grassroots Medicinal Top 10 Benefits of Microdosing Mushrooms 

  1. Lowers Stress and Anxiety: creates a sense of psychological safety and comfort, and some people report a reduction in social anxiety and greater ease holding a conversation.
  2. Better Sleep: some like to microdose just before bed to overcome difficulty sleeping, to fall and stay asleep or prevent waking up throughout the night, and to rest more deeply. Psilocybin is reported to ease the mind, help the body to relax and reduce tension. 
  3. Increases Cognitive Functioning: some claim that microdosing helps with problem-solving, memory and cognitive functioning. There are even reports from some who rely on caffeine that they don’t require a coffee on the days when they microdose and one preliminary study found that participants had increased ability to pay attention after microdosing. 
  4. Creativity: divergent thinking – a creative thinking process that looks at many possible solutions – and the ability to expand the imagination has been found to increase after microdosing. This is likely one of the reasons microdosing is so popular in the tech industry in Silicon Valley as creative problem solving is necessary in many of these environments. 
  5. PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a very serious condition affecting many around the world. It is believed that Psilocybe mushrooms act on the endorphin receptors – mood-elevating neurotransmitters –  in the brain. 
  6. Depression/Mood: depression has been named the #1 reason for disability worldwide and psilocybin can help calm the nervous system and boost your mood by acting on serotonin receptors in the brain. 90% of participants in a 278 person study all reported an increase in mood after microdosing. This article states that ‘’as microdoses are easier to administer than full-doses, this new paradigm has the exciting potential to shape future psychedelic research.’’
  7. Increased Sensory Perception: anecdotal evidence suggests that microdosing can increase access to 1 or more of the 5 senses. There may be a correlation between the level of presence of someone with an elevated mood and increased creativity that would make the senses seem more pronounced. 
  8. End of Life Anxiety: psilocybin has been effective in decreasing the effects of anxiety and depression for some patients with terminal illnesses, helping them come to terms with the uncertainty of such conditions and to make peace with their prognosis. 
  9. Headache and Migraine Relief: full doses of psilocybin have been proven effective in the management of headaches and migraines. It is believed that microdosing can also provide relief from pain, which in turn improves the quality of life and happiness. 
  10. Reduction of Substance Abuse: it has been reported that the use of substances such as tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and other illicit drugs is reduced or even diminished completely with the use of mushroom microdosing. These reports correlate with findings in studies of full-dose psychedelics and reduction of substance use. If you have an addiction or challenge with substance use, talk to a qualified medical health practitioner. 

Safety and Microdosing

While microdosing is safe for many, it’s important to assess whether there are any risks for you. Because many of the findings on microdosing are preliminary, it is suggested that you microdose with the support and supervision of a medical professional. Psychoactive substances are not recommended as an escape, so if you are emotionally distraught or if you have a serious mental health condition, microdosing is likely not the best option for you. 

Learn more about how to safely microdose here

Purity is another very important consideration. With the growing popularity of mushroom microdosing, there are an increasing number of products available in both purity and dosage. Be sure to use a microdose from a reliable vendor such as Grassroots Medicinal to experience the full benefits of this incredible medicine. 

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