“I am allergic to chocolate so I love the capsules.  I prefer taking the lowest dosage capsules and then up taking up to a maximum of three depending on what I have eaten, if I am drinking alcohol or not and what or if I want to feel any  desired effect.”  ~ Jennifer Kelly, High School English Teacher “I ingested a quarter of a chocolate before a vigorous hike up to the ruins.  I have to say it was hilarious and most memorable hike.  It was for sunset overlooking the bay and the boats through ancient ruins.  The setting was unbeatable and the chocolate did not impede my hiking or control.”  ~ Aiden James, Financial Planner “I never take anything to lose control or forget.  I thing the chocolates are great because they are easy dosage, takes great – that is critical. They are really good chocolates that you would find in a chocolate shop in Switzerland.”   ~ Richard Peters, Private Wealth Management Adviser “I love these chocolates because they are nature, contain superfoods, raw chocolate and are good for you. Drinking wine, although delicious, is not good for you. It creates inflammation in the body.  Cacao creates bliss molecules in the body, activates neutrons and along with the opening of the psilocybin and the enhancement of superfoods is giving your body a gift every time you take it.” ~ Ashley Chan, Yoga Teacher “I chose Spirit Guide Medicinals because I wanted something that I could manage myself with and was nurturing and healing my body.   I’m in my late 40s and although I want to feel good I am also big into self care and I have a lot of responsibilities that I need to show up for as a mother,  a wife and supporter to my clients.   I feel a sense of freedom and optimism and safety with spirit guide medicinals chocolates and now the capsules too. Thank you for making such a special product!”   ~ Dawn Lee, Healthcare Advocate