Microdosing with Intention

What exactly does microdosing with intention mean?

Using natural medicine is different in many ways from using conventional allopathic, Western medicine. One of the key differences is that natural medicine aims to treat the root cause underlying symptoms. Another difference is that natural medicine treats the body as a series of interconnected systems. Both systems of medicine have many benefits and we are living in a time during which many practitioners are integrating the systems together. So how do microdosing and intention intersect?

Setting an intention is a great way to identify what your desired tone and/or outcome is for an experience. Studies on the power of intention are currently being studied at institutions like Heartmath, and using intention is a fantastic way to tap into the heart. Many believe that this type of medicine has the potential to give us what we need, based on their own experiences. Before microdosing, it can never hurt to ask for what you need to feel better. Setting an intention is one way to amplify this.

Starting with Intention

To start, what exactly is an intention?

Here are some ways intention can be defined:

  • A goal, aim, or plan
  • A desired idea to create a certain outcome
  • The tone or energy set for an experience

It means setting the tone for how are you going to feel what kind of outcome you’d like to create and what you’d like to ask the medicine to do to support you. While this might sound a little esoteric, many documented experiences of the use of psychedelics, including psilocybe mushrooms, have indicated that setting a clear intention does create certain desired outcomes. Growing research suggests the same. Because the use of psychedelics is helpful for a variety of ailments.

People have been reported as having found success for the following symptoms and conditions: While we cannot prescribe or suggest that these mushrooms will cure specific ailments, one psychologist and researcher, Rosalind Watts did a talk for TedX we reference in our post “What is Microdosing” on the effects of psilocybin on patients with depression.

Healing and Expansion from Psychedelics

The human body and mind have a great capacity to heal. While we constantly repeat in these posts and on our website that it’s very important to talk to your health care professional or specialist in advance of taking any mind altering psychoactive substance, what is becoming increasingly clear to those experimenting with these medicines is that the medicines themselves allow them to tap into their innate power to heal. The clearer we get on our intentions, the more we can ask for what we need to feel our best.

These substances don’t just have the potential to alter the mind’s thought processes; they have the potential to expand the mind. What is consistent and congruent with most documented cases is a feeling of interconnectedness with all of life. Many who use psilocybin report feeling less fear and more openness. This is part of the reason using psilocybin mushrooms and psychedelics has been so helpful in the world of oncology, treating cancer patients and those with life-threatening illnesses and end of life to transition with ease and comfort. And of course, it’s easier to set a clear intention when fear is not getting in the way.

The above mentioned psychologist Rosalind Watts shares a beautiful article about a community of people in South America who have consistently throughout their history used psychoactive plants in ceremony. They live in deep harmony with all of nature, and Watts references this as the ‘overview effect.” In her essay for Aeon, she defines this as “a breakthrough shift in perspective catalysed by the perception of the unity and interconnectedness of life on Earth, often resulting in a strong desire to protect the planet.”

With our growing challenges with our climate and our natural ecosystems, she ponders the possibility of how we might care more deeply for the planet if we were all to tap into this feeling of interconnectedness with all of life by experiencing the overview effect with the use of psychedelics.

Whether your intention is to use psilocybin mushrooms to support balancing stress levels, increasing productivity at work, overcoming a specific ailment, for ceremony or for deepening your appreciation of the planet, be sure that the intention you set is self loving and self supportive.