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Microdose Medicinal Mushroom + CBD

Rest and Reset Package

Get a full nights sleep and rest for the body to heal which boosts your immune system.  Improving memory and focus throughout the day.

  • 30 Capsules of Medicinal Mushroom
  • CBD Oral Tincture
  • Clear mind
  • Better productivity
  • Stimulate positivity

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Customers Reviews

I was feeling the onset of depression due to various circumstances occurring in my life. I could feel myself slipping into a state of apathy, having problems sleeping and feeling a constant lack of joy and happiness. I was slowly starting to cope by drinking and had went to my doctor to consider taking antidepressants. Luckily I talked to a friend who recommended I micro-dose with medicinal mushrooms. Within days of taking one capsule per day I felt better. I fell asleep quickly and woke up restful. An overall sense of calmness and wellbeing came over me. My patience during parenting returned and I felt happiness come back into my life. I will continue to use these as I felt it rebalanced my emotional and mental state.

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I began micro-dosing the grassroots blend in May, and the gift I received is calm and presence. Through this pandemic, like so many others I’ve experienced isolation, permanent then temporary layoff and fear of the unknown. Using this blend has helped me minimize stress and maintain a sense of groundedness that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise as I do sometimes suffer from anxiety in stressful situations. I was able to directly support my nervous system which helped me stay well during this health crisis. Thank you The Grassroots Medicinals for offering this gentle and effective medicine!
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